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Our values


We are convinced that it is not enough to create beautiful designs, if the quality is not good, the effort is in vain.

Our goal is to offer good quality pearls with a great shine and resistant materials.

Whether in Silver or Gold, on our website you will not find earrings with pins and tiny nuts to save costs, or anything similar.tahitian pearls


Pearls are extraordinary gems, but they are not all the same, there are many types, both because of their origin and their shape.

This has led to enormous misinformation, both from the public and from a surprising number of professionals.

Our goal is for you to learn about pearls so that you can choose the best option and always know what you are buying.

You can see our informative articles about pearls here!.Tahitian pearl necklaces


This is between you and us. We choose and import the pearls directly to offer good quality at the best price.Selection Cultured Peels