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The classification of pearls.

The most important thing and the first thing you should understand about the classification of pearls is that each brand or company has its own own system, so you should not take it into account to compare pearls from different companies. Each company dedicated to the sale of pearls creates its own system since there is no standardized system.

When buying pearls in the wholesale market, professionals can choose from a huge range of qualities. Depending on the requirement and the target price of each buyer, the perceived quality of each pearl may vary. What is AAA quality to one buyer may be A or AA quality to another simply because the latter are dealing with more expensive pearls of a higher rank. The best quality pearls for one buyer may not even meet the minimum quality for another buyer.

This happens in many other areas, for example, an amateur runner will tell you that running a marathon in 3 hours is an incredible mark, while a very advanced or professional runner will tell you that it is a fairly modest mark. The brand is the same, but the level of demand is what changes. The same thing happens with pearls.

In addition to a different level of demand, the classification method can also vary. Some brands use the A-AAA system, others A-AAAAA, others use numbers and others, words.

When choosing which brand or company to buy pearls from, the experience, reputation y knowledge are more important than the grade they have assigned to a particular product. Once the brand or company is chosen, you can use the classification to decide which pearls to buy.

En secret and you we are very demanding with the quality of our pearls, so we are convinced that any of our pearls will far exceed your expectations.


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