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Our Pearls

At Secret & You we do not offer imitation or fake pearls, all our pearls are cultured. Cultured pearls are obtained from saltwater oysters and freshwater mussels, grown in pearl farms located along the coasts of Japan, Australia, the Philippines, China, Indonesia or French Polynesia. If you want to know the difference between cultured and natural pearls, click here!.

Our pearl expert travels two to three times a year to Asia to purchase and handpick all the pearls we offer to ensure our quality standards. You can find more information about our pearls here.

The shine, without a doubt. A pearl that does not shine is not of quality. Someone without much experience may notice a small imperfection on the surface of the pearl, since approaching it to 20 cm is the easiest to observe, but believe us, the most important thing is the brightness. At a distance of two meters, a small imperfection is impossible to appreciate, however the brightness is appreciated from any distance. If you want to know more about the quality factors of pearls, please click here.

Very simple, just avoid as far as possible that they come into contact with chemical products such as perfumes, makeup or chlorine. Likewise, in the case of earrings, it is advisable to avoid hot water since the pearls are glued to the mounts and this can soften the glue and the pearl ends up falling off. You can find more information about care here.

Shipping & Returns

All orders placed before 14:00 p.m. go out that same day.

Express shipments to the Iberian Peninsula are delivered as a general rule the next day from Monday to Friday, as long as there is no mishap during shipment.

Standard shipments and shipments to other countries are delivered within the indicated period here.

Please note that the moment the package leaves our offices the responsibility passes to the delivery company, over which we have limited control. However, in case of any problem, our team will get to work to solve it as soon as possible.

You can see our shipping and delivery policy here!.

Shipments to the Iberian Peninsula of orders with an amount greater than €100 are express and free. For orders less than €100, the cost of standard shipping is €3,50. To see the rest of the options, international shipments or to Islands, click here.

Yes there is no problem. We offer a 30-day return or exchange period. You can see our return policy here.

We ship worldwide, although for logistical reasons shipments in Andorra, the Canary Islands, Ceuta, Melilla, Switzerland, Ukraine, Russia, Macedonia, India, South Korea and North Korea are not available at the moment.

For more information, you can see our shipping policy here.