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the shape of the pearls

There are different types of pearls depending on their origin: Sweet water, Akoya, Tahiti, Australian, etc. But they are not only distinguished by their origin, their shape is also important. Do you think you know them all?

Just in case, we will tell you about them!


Are round appearance on your part front and something else flattened in the back. Economical and perfect if you are looking for something classic, since once put on they resemble, saving the distances, the round ones.

They are also ideal in designs in which they have mounts from behind since the flat part is covered.

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Cultured Pearl Button

Example of a button pearl with a setting on the back.  

Rounded or high button

They are the midpoint between Button and Round. They are not quite spherical, but they are very close. how to say in english "a great value for the price". They are also known as Semi-Round.

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Cultured pearl High Button.

The difference with respect to the round ones can be seen when looking at their profile.


They are the pearls that everyone thinks of just by hearing the word "pearl". They are the most valuable, since they are very scarce. A timeless classicThey never go out of style and look good on any occasion.

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round pearl earrings

Drop of water or Pear 

As its name indicates, these pearls have the Oval shaped of a drop of water or a pear. They are perfect for designs where the pearl hangs. Despite not being round, they are considered quite uniform and are highly valued by designers.

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pear or teardrop pearl earrings

Coin or Currency

The name says it all, these pearls have the flattened shape of a currency. They are curious and elegant, an ideal option if you are looking for something different.

coin pearl earrings


They are very pearls original, irregular and unique. They give rise to all kinds of designs and are the ideal option if you are looking for something original. Because they are not uniform, large pearls can be found at more affordable prices.

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baroque pearl earrings


Like the baroque ones, these pearls are irregular and even more original.

All pearls are created by inserting a nucleus into the oyster or mussel, however, the Keshi are the exception and therefore, in addition to being very exotic, they are all mother-of-pearl, so they have a very intense shine.

At Secret & You we are proud to be one of the few that offer these pearls!

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Keshi pearl earrings



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