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Pearls, the perfect gift for Mother's Day.

Pearls, the perfect gift for Mother's Day.

Mother's Day is a very important day that we dedicate solely and exclusively to the most important woman in our lives. Although every day should be Mother's Day, today is a day dedicated to them, to those fighting, strong and unique women who deserve everything. That is why we must look for a gift that represents that unconditional, pure, brilliant love...

Pearls perfectly represent the affection of a mother, they are pure, they are raised with time and delicacy, they provide light and are eternal, so they will always be there and will be part of later generations.

If you still do not have a gift for your mother or you are undecided, this day is the perfect occasion to give her a special jewel that will make her feel as unique as she is.

At Secret & You we want to help you choose the ideal design so that when your mother sees it she feels reflected, because each mother is unique and special and there are pearls for all of them.


For Modern Mothers with a Classic touch: Pearl Earrings with Zircons

Pearl earrings with zircons

See Button Pearl earrings with Zircons

  • Pearls and zircons are the perfect combination, it is the union of the delicacy and sophistication of pearls and the touch of light provided by this brilliant stone. These earrings are the perfect luminous detail for an everyday look.


For Mothers with a bold and striking style: Baroque Pearls XL

XL Baroque Pearl Earrings

See XL Keshi Pearl earrings

  • For mothers who do not like to go unnoticed, who have a unique and marked style and live everything in a big way. Baroque XL Pearls are made for them! They are not the classic earrings with pearls, but a modern jewel, easily combined with the most chic looks and they are also ideal for any event.


For mothers who love pearls: Opt for a necklace! 

Multicolor Edison Pearl Necklace

See Multicolored Edison Pearl necklace

  • If your Mother is a lover of these gems or likes to collect them, this Edison Semi-Baroque Multicolor pearl necklace is perfect to surprise her! Its multicolored color is natural and its shine is so intense that among pearl connoisseurs it is called “metallic”.


For Mothers with Three Children:  Three Baroque Pearls Pendant

Pendant of three baroque pearls

See Three Pearls pendant

  • This pendant is an original gift, as each pearl can symbolize a child and allude to the union of the family.


For Retail Mothers: Pearl Earrings with Silver chain and Zircons

Dangling Pearl Earrings

See Dangle Pearl earrings

  • For mothers looking for finesse and elegance, Keshi pearl earrings are the perfect detail. They add just the right touch of luminosity and shine without being too flashy.


For juvenile mothers: Earrings are the latest trend!

Hoop Earrings with Three Keshi Pearls

See Keshi Pearl earrings

  • Hoop earrings are the perfect option for mothers with a more youthful, modern, carefree style, but who at the same time seek that touch of class and elegance.


For minimalist moms: Mini Rice type pearl necklace

Mini pearl choker necklace

See Mini Pearl Necklace

  • For mothers who prefer minimalist accessories, we recommend Mini pearls, they are perfect for adding elegance and class to any look. In addition, they can be used as thin chains from which to hang a personalized accessory.


As you can see, there are endless possibilities to turn your Mother's Day gift into an unforgettable and eternal memory.

We hope with everything we have told you, you have found wonderful ideas with which to surprise this important person in your life.

What will be your perfect gift?

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