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How to combine pearls to achieve a cinema look?

How to combine pearls to achieve a cinema look?

It's no surprise that one of the most popular gems in history has made a name for herself on the big screen. It could be said that the history of cinema and pearls have never been separated.
Do you remember any movie or series in which these "treasures of the sea" appear? If not, I am going to help you remember them and even discover numerous scenes in which pearls appear and take on a leading role. Even more than you imagine.


There are classic Hollywood movies that will never go out of style, such is the case of "Breakfast with diamonds". It may be that you have never seen this movie, but I am sure that at least the brand new image of our beloved Audrey Hepburn in front of the famous jewelry store "Tiffany's" sounds familiar to you. Guess what she is wearing around her neck. That's right, an amazing four strand necklace that features 120 round white pearls with a big diamond brooch! As he commented, pearls have a great story behind them, and this 1961 film proves it.
Audrey Hepburn with pearl necklaceBaroque pearl necklace Keshi Secret & You


One of the most important hits within the series related to fashion, is without a doubt "Sex in New York", created in 1998. Its protagonists show us the day to day of their lives on the streets of New York. Carrie Bradshaw, the main character, has her own unique style that she demonstrates in each of her looks. In addition to her Manolo Blahnik “jewel shoes” and her Fendi bags, we have always seen her with her necklaces as main accessories for her wonderful looks. Carrie appears with different pearl necklaces, like those with maxi pearls combined with other simpler necklaces and with looks that attract a lot of attention. In addition to the necklaces, we cannot fail to notice the white pearl earrings that looks in many of the scenes for the "Big Apple".

Carrie with round pearl earrings in New York10mm round cultured pearl earrings

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In 2021, a sequel to "Sex and the City" has been made, continuing with the same protagonists, although without Samantha and with a different name: And just like that. In this new series, set today, we can see that the pearl accessories we were talking about before are still a trend. We can see Carrie, our protagonist, wearing a wonderful small white pearl necklace in each of his appearances in the series. In this way, it shows us that the classics never go out of style and that it is always a good time to show off the pearls that we have in the jewelry box. Combine them with all your looks!
Carrie with small round pearl necklaceRound Freshwater Cultured Pearl Necklace

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Continuing with the New York theme… we teleport to a series where luxury and rumors take on great importance. Do you know what series I'm talking about? Yes, “Gossip girls”. Many of us know the story of Blair Waldorf and Serena Van der Woodsen, a story that is directly related to the great world of pearls and jewelry. Blair Waldorf is synonymous with class and style. She demonstrates this with her looks and accessories, among which the pearl embellished headbands and round white pearl necklaces. Proving once again that pearls are a matter of style and not age.
Blair Waldorf with long pearl necklaceKeshi baroque pearl necklace

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In the year 2016, a series was released on Netflix known as "The Crown". It tells the story of the reign of Elizabeth II and all the historical events that occur during it. Did you know that many of the British royal crown jewels are pearls? Here we tell you the ones that have attracted the most attention in the world of fashion. We all know the moment when the iconic Lady Di appeared wearing the "revenge dress" along with a wonderful pearl choker embellished with a sapphire, giving all the prominence to the look. On many occasions, we have seen Princess Diana appear with Pearls necklases, being a complement that identified her essence and that she herself popularized in the 80s. We cannot forget the oval-shaped pearl earrings accompanied by a gold closurewhich he wore on numerous occasions.
Maxi round pearl necklace Lady DiSemi-round Edison cultured pearl necklaceOval dangle earrings with goldHoop earrings with baroque pearls

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To finish, I would like to talk about a very recent Netflix series starring Lily Collins. It tells the story of a New Yorker trying to gain a foothold in the city of love, Paris. I'm talking about "Emily in Paris", a series that makes a lot of reference to the fashion and luxury sector. We have been able to see our protagonist, Emily, with a wide variety of accessories where pearls stand out. Of course it is the example of necklaces with white Edison XXL pearls, which he combines with his office and more informal looks. And you, do you dare to combine our pearl necklaces?
Emily in Paris with XXL pearl necklaceSecret & You XXL pearl necklace

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I'm sure you didn't know much about this direct relationship between pearls and cinema. It is a very related world, but one that is rarely talked about. I invite you to read the rest of the posts published on our blog. You will learn a lot about the world of pearls and discover all the secrets they keep. You will love it!